Management Systems

Health & Safety

Our health and safety management system is certified to ISO 45001.

The health and safety of our people and all stakeholders on our sites is of the utmost priority. A safety-first culture is embedded from the top down and the bottom up, and we only align ourselves with subcontractors who share the same value.

This absolute commitment to upholding safety protocols and continuous improvement is evident in our safety performance; we are proud to have been LTI-free since our inception in 2010.


With an ISO 9001-certified quality management system, our clients and stakeholders can be confident in the high standard of our services. Across every facet of our business, we instil a culture of continual improvement and strategic decision-making to guarantee client satisfaction.

Our internal QA processes facilitate efficient project delivery and a smooth handover with the use of ITPs recording onsite information and confirming the quality of the project we deliver.


We take our environmental responsibilities seriously. ISO 14001-certified, our environmental management system has been designed to optimise our environmental performance and minimise our environmental impact.

A core feature of our performance is minimising waste and a minimum of 80% of site waste materials are recycled through accredited waste management systems.

Project Management

Underpinning our operations and management systems is Kynection, our integrated project management platform. Bringing together assets, people, HSEQ and job management into a single interface, it facilitates streamlined project delivery.

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